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Echo Sounder Deeper PRO

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The Deeper PRO wireless echo sounder scans the reservoir at a depth of up to 80 meters. With Deeper PRO, you will learn the features of the bottom relief of the reservoir, the presence or absence of vegetation, as well as temperature and fish.

Select the most appropriate color mode for displaying data on the screen according to the time of day and the brightness of the lighting. The classic display mode has a dark gray "carbon" background and supports a full-color palette, providing full recognition of everything that happens underwater. The green color in this mode indicates underwater vegetation - algae. The fish is displayed in orange-yellow colors (the more yellow the color, the stronger the sonar signal), the bottom is displayed in dark brown-orange (the more orange the color, the stronger the sonar signal), the blue color indicates the surface of the reservoir. Day and night display modes have a more contrasting color palette, designed specifically for accurate and separate display of objects and reduce the displayed interference. Both day and night color modes do not emit algae or fish. These modes display only the intensity of the signal reflection from an object, as professional stationary echo sounders do.

Deeper PRO has the same functional characteristics as PRO+ except for the built-in GPS receiver. Observe only what you need on the screen by controlling the sensitivity of your device. Low sensitivity is ideal for working in muddy water, allowing you to cut off all unnecessary interference, high sensitivity is better used for scanning in clear water, because this mode allows you to distinguish even the smallest underwater object.

Material: ABS plastic housing

Type of echo sounder: 2-frequency

Narrow beam 290 kHz (15o beam cone)
90 kHz wide beam (55o beam cone)
Separation of goals: 2.4cm/0.94inch

Depth range: From 50 cm to 80 m

Temperature Sensor: Built-in

Operating temperature: -20oC to 40oC/ -4F to 104F

Connection Type: Wi-Fi

Communication range: With stable connection up to 250m

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