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Echo sounder Lucky FF718Lic

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Portable wireless echo sounder Lucky FF718LIs with color display. Easy to use. The housing is made of plastic with a rubberized coating "Soft Touch" and resistant to water penetration. Menu is completely in Russian. A large color display on which the bottom relief is displayed and the pictograms of the detected fish.

Echo sounder will greatly facilitate the search for fish on the reservoir, they can also check the bottom surface relief, measure the depth (from 0.7 m to 40 m) and temperature. In the settings of the Echohota Lucky, you can set audio alerts when the fish's echo sounder is detected, you can also specify the sensitivity of the sensor, the speed of updating the picture on the echo sounder screen, turn on either to turn off the backlight. The sensor will start passing the data only after contact with water. On the console screen, the bottom relief is displayed, the depth of the reservoir, the water temperature, the battery charge and the signal level.

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