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The carp boat CamaraD Optima is an indispensable assistant for fishing. In this model of single-bunker CamaraD boats, we took into account all the preferences of fishermen so that it would be convenient for them to use a bait boat during fishing. In this model of the bait boat, the bait is reset according to the "DUMP TRUCK" principle. To date, this is the best offer in terms of price/quality/functionality, which includes impeccable assembly, excellent functionality and maintenance.

The bottom of the carp boat CamaraD is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with a thickness of 3 mm of factory design.

Decent dimensions and weight – the boat will feel confident even with a large wave and a strong crosswind (we tested it at a wave of 1 meter).

Upper convenient loading of gear into the hopper (unlike catamarans and trimarans)

The presence of reverse gear will allow the boat to maneuver among snags and reeds.

If you do not go fishing regularly and are on it for a short time, then it makes sense to take a standard battery. If you are a big fan of fishing, then the battery in the boat for the delivery of bait should have a large capacity, and, consequently, a longer service life. The battery charge indicator will tell you when the boat should be charged.

The power reserve of the fishing boat "Camarad" OPTIMA is up to 20 km.

On our boats we use:

- Aluminum screw, which is much stronger than plastic analogues.

- The steering wheel is made of the highest quality brass.

- Protection of the stainless steel screw, which we manufacture on a CNC machine.

- Electronic protection of the engine and the speed controller, which will help in case of winding a fishing line or a braid on the screw.

- A powerful brushless motor is installed.

- The Camarad bait boat has all the necessary protection units. The boat will not stop in the middle of a pond with a planted battery (the indication of the ship's battery charge on the monitor of the control panel), it will warn the owner in advance (an audible alarm) and slow down the speed, making it clear that it's time to charge.

- The rangefinder directly on the control panel displays the distance of delivery.


Automatic return of the boat in case of loss of communication with the ship, for example: the batteries in the remote have run out, or if you accidentally dropped the remote into the water, or maybe you just turned off the remote and drag your trophy.

Auto-return will return the bait boat to the home point in three cases:

1) When you turn on the auto-return button on the remote control.

2) When the remote is turned off.

3) If the connection with the remote control is lost at a great distance.

A six-channel 2.4GHz remote control will allow you to use it at a distance of up to 500 meters

According to the technical characteristics and reliability of the ship "Camarad" SpeeD Speed Solo surpasses such analogues as Tornado, Jabo, Dolphin, Carpboat, KubCarp, Hercules, Carp academy, Carphunter, Kincarp, Amina. All components are imported, well-known manufacturers such as Turnigy.


Bright color (radio-controlled fishing boat "CamaraD" can be seen from a long distance).

Size boats: 73*30*25 cm
Engine's type: Brushless motor
Battery: Li 20 000 mA/h
Maximum speed: up to 3.5 m / s
Boat weight with battery: 3.8 kg
Number of boat bunkers: 1
Groundbait weight: 0,9 liters
Number of screws: 1
The presence of a smooth reset: No
Charge indication on the remote control: No
Condition boat: New
Guarantee: 12 мес.
Distance traveled: up to 11 km
Auto return: Yes
Rangefinder: Yes
Depth gauge: No
Echo sounder: No
GPS navigation with autopilot: No

- кораблик

- пульт управления

- Аккумулятор

- зарядное устройство 12/220 вольт

- инструкция

GPS, Autopilots (the price includes the cost of installation)


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Echo sounders (the price includes the cost of installation)


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