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Echo sounder with GPS Toslon TF-740

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Echo sounder C GPS Toslon TF-740 is a GPS navigation system and a hydrolector and autopilot, which is specifically designed for all types of boats for delivering supplies and snap. This device was carefully designed and combined with a hydrolocator, GPS, compass and autopilot.

Toslon TF-740 wireless color echo sounder with GPS and autopilot feature is specially designed for radio-controlled ships. It includes a wireless echo sounder, high-precision electronic compass, GPS navigation and autopilot system. Extended Sonar functions show the detailed structure of the bottom and the presence of fish. The autopilot system accurately sends the bait ship to, in advance saved, point. This is a real autonomous driving system that can help fishermen use their ships for fishing in harsh conditions, for example, in the dark or dense fog. The TF-740 echo sounder supports * .kml files (which can be edited via Google Earth), and then set it as a lake circuit. It helps fisherman to accurately select a point, and then simply activate the autopilot mode using the [Push-Go] button. TF-740 is not only a wireless echo sounder, but also an unmanned operating system for bait ships, which guarantees you a pleasant pastime on fishing.

Toslon TF740 - Device "All in One", which combines FishFinder, GPS + Compass and AutoPilot for boats for bait fish!
Just manage your boat from one device - Toslon TF740.

Technical characteristics Echo sounder TF-740:

Hardware gain is regulated
Full 5-inch TFT-screen provides a clear bottom vision
Adjustable hardware amplification
FHHS & DSSS Radio Systems
Compass in the boat and on the display
Support 1 or 2 paddle boats
Steering Sensitivity Adjustment
Wiring testing mode
Push-Go button
Getting waypoints from the card
Import Google KML to determine the boundaries of the lake
GPS accuracy 2,5m
500 travel points
Echo sounder coverage 60 degrees
Frequency 6 Hz
Maximum depth 40m range + 400m

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