Model range of boats “Camarad”

Camarad Speed v3

Until the end of the month auto RETURN and range FINDER as a GIFT !!!

Light speed boat for fishing perfectly resists the wind and high waves. The delivery time of the tackle is reduced to 1-2 minutes and ...

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Camarad Classik +

Silent, long-range fishing boat

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Camarad SpeeD Mono

Until the end of the month auto RETURN and range FINDER as a GIFT !!!

Light high-speed single-bunker ship

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Camarad SpeeD Solo

Until the end of the month auto RETURN and range FINDER as a GIFT !!!

666 USD.

Carp boat for the delivery of bait CamaraD Solo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Camarad SpeeD Solo mini

Until the end of the month auto RETURN and range FINDER as a GIFT !!!

A smaller version of the camarad SpeeD Solo bait boat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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Differences in the model range of Camarad boats

GPS, autopilots (the price includes the cost of installation)

Autopilot with GPS CamaraD L1

New product

381 USD

Autopilot CamaraD - modern, convenient, multi-functional and at the same time very easy to operate autopilot...

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GPS navigation CamaraD L1 with autopilot ver. 3

Gift bag

448 USD

New version   GPS navigation with autopilot CamaraD. Now you can avoid obstacles ...       

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Sounder Lucky FF718LiC

204 USD

Updated version of the echo sounder in 2020 with a transmitter included, 2 beams, battery/accumulator powered...

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Autopilot with GPS Toslon X-Pilot

326 USD

Autopilot Toslon X-pilot for 500 points. The stated accuracy is 2.5 meters. We do not recommend this model due to its low range and regular operation...

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Echo sounders (the price includes the cost of installation)

Sounder Toslon TF-500


462 USD

Renewed sounder Toslon TF-500 it is characterized by high accuracy of readings, the ability to display algae and the structure of the bottom. And...

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Sounder with GPS Toslon TF-640

734 USD

Updated version of the echo sounder with  built-in GPS and compass. Memory for 500 points. Echo sounder does not have autopilot and auto return functions ...

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Sounder with GPS Toslon TF-740

1494 USD

It is a GPS navigation and sonar and autopilot system that is specifically designed for all types of boats

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Functional advantage

High speed saves
you time and nerves

2 wide loading trays top

allow you to import huge balls, as well as any equipment, including the killer carp and marker

Bright color and optimal size

allows you not to lose sight of the ship
even at a distance of 500 meters

Economical motor, as well
as a unique shape of the bottom
it consumes the battery
sparingly unlike catamarans

Minimum noise level

(starting from September 2016, it is set
more quiet motor)

Adjustable, smooth dropping of bait is possible

(you can sprinkle the track from the bait)

Powerful headlight with three modes and adjustable beam diameter

Modes are switched
from the control panel

All our boats have
a back door that will allow you

to swim out of the reeds,
if you accidentally swam there

Our ships use only silver-plated wires,
which exclude the possibility of oxidation

of electronics in the second
and subsequent years
of use of the ship

Video instruction

Manual on the management
of boats

Setting up the boot tray for a new board on the boat Camarad

Instructions for charging the Li-polymer battery of the ship Camarad Speed

Detailed instructions for charging batteries.

How to set up the direct course of the boat for fishing Camarad

Instructions for packing the boat.

Checking the sticks and switches on the control panel.

Payment and delivery

We ship our boats all over the world.

Delivery by the transport company is negotiated when placing an order.

Delivery costs from 50 euros.

The warranty for the boat and additional equipment is

12 months


For fishing online and offline stores we have
special terms of cooperation.

We reserve all warranty obligations.

Contact us by phone to find out wholesale prices and terms.

+7 (918) 115-67-89 Order a call


I got my boat - very happy! I ordered a CamaraD + yellow color, transferred the prepayment and started waiting. Everything about everything took about a month ( long) , but it's worth it!!! I chose to deliver to Krasnodar by bus (it took about 3.5 hours) When the parcel was delivered, I honestly could not restrain my praise - a huge ship that inspires confidence! I didn't think it was that big! In the evening, I arranged a test on the reservoir - some advantages: speed, lighting, convenient remote shows charge! I liked that on the stern of the ship there is a phone number of the "Creator", for conducting tests, tips were given on the whats app, Before that I saw in use the ships China (tornado), carpboat and carpomania, I can honestly say that CamaraD is the leader!

Nik Nik

Boat bait "ComaraD Classic" received three weeks after the order. The fishing test was excellent.Even with a less weak engine than in the video, it significantly exceeds the speed of other ships. The wind at 8 m/s calmly goes against the water. I took with me three charged batteries, in the end one was enough ( 5 spinning rods, the length of delivery is 150-200 meters), and lasted more than a day. The only thing is that at a distance of 200 meters in the wave, the blue boat is almost invisible. It is better to take yellow or white. I am happy, I recommend this model for fishing. Andrey


I ordered Сlassic +. I've been fishing twice already. Super. Now in order. The period of performance is normal. The delivery was tracked perfectly. Engine operation is like a mosquito squeak, no jerks and jumps, smooth running and speed is awesome. The light at night is beautiful. Reset-led blinks, only the blind can't see. The battery charge is in front of you. The remote is nice to pick up. Range of delivery - enough fishing line on the reel. Well, about the design of the boat and the remote, I'm already silent. I put classic + - EXCELLENT

Yuriy Krasnyuk

We made an order from Yevgeny Viktorovich Nikonenko ( Russia) , after 100% prepayment, the ordered product arrived a week later (Ukraine, Kiev). Received by regular mail without problems, did not pay for forwarding. We use the ship "CamaraD" speed for a week. We haven't been fishing yet, but thanks to the boat, we visit the reservoir every day. One continuous delight!!! And fun!!! Speed, maneuverability and range are fully consistent with the characteristics. If you have any questions, we immediately get a full consultation by phone. Konstantin and Oksana. Recommend.

Konstantin and Oksana

I received the boat in the mail and unpacked it at home, it turned out to be so huge, it seemed smaller on the video, I looked at the whole ship from all sides, it was made very high quality, soundly.
there is no place to try on the water, I decided in the bath, the pancake breaks out of my hands, well, I am happy with 5 points!
Eugene turned out to be a decent seller, he told me everything on the phone.

Artur Dyachenko

The CamaraD boat arrived in Maykop three weeks after the order.I chose orange. The fishing test was a success.There is something to compare with, I used to work with Carpboat and carried 4 batteries with me, but one was enough for the Camarad. The price for the boat is certainly not small, but who wants to buy it. Personally, I don't regret buying it. I also bought an IMAX B6 for charging the ship's battery, WHICH is a very useful thing. Charged native charging Akkum to a green light bulb, then decided to try charging IMAX and still went 2100 microampers. Well, this is a digression, in General, the ship is happy so I recommend buying!


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NEW ! Premiere of the new CamaraD Atom !

Differences between the 3 versions of CamaraD boats and the 1 and 2 versions.

CamaraD Speed a boat with a depth gauge and auto-return.

The robustness test on the sea CamaraD Speed v3.

GPS. PROTECTION. RESET on the boat CamaraD.

Video about a fishing boat Camarad Speed.

In this video you can see the difference in speed CamaraD Classik, Speed и KinCarp.

Testing a boat on a wave 1 meter high.

How to set up a straight course of the boat for fishing CamaraD.

Night lighting of a fishing boatCamaraD.

Fishing boat. Capacity. Sizes. Resetting the bait.

What can a CamaraD Speed boat do for fishing?

The camarad boat pulls a boat with a passenger.


— Will the boat capsize on a wave?

— No. The boat was tested on a wave of 1 meter.

Watch the video

— Is the Speed model much faster?

— Yes, the speed differs significantly.

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